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  Stereo System Solutions:  
True audio enthusiasts are after one thing. Great Audio!

What defines great audio? Perhaps it’s the breathy sounds of a great jazz recording, the vocal clarity of your favorite opera, the subtle ring of the one triangle note in a symphony, the tone of a classical guitarist…I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this…

The ability to hear all of these things in a recording relies on not just the appreciating ear but also the right combination of equipment to reproduce the information on the recording.

At Castle Hill Audio Video we can transform any space into your own personal listening room, customized to your own personal situation.
Let us help you design a stereo system that works with both your audio tastes and surrounding environment, without regret.
  Home Theaters:  
Relaxing, kicking back as Mother Nature wields her wrath outside, keeping the family together and entertaining at home is all time well spent. Your very own home theater could bring those times to new levels.

Technology has made great strides since listening to the “The Shadow” on an old tube radio and watching Ed Sullivan in black and white. Options are abound with Plasma’s, LCD’s and 1080p’s, Blu-Ray, DVD, HDMI or Component, Dolby Surround, DTS Surround, Front Projection, Rear Projection, is your head spinning yet!?

Call and make an appointment to come into the showroom where you’ll be given individual attention. We’ll sort through all of those options and tailor a home theater system to suit both your individual situation and your budget. This will be your time to talk, your time to learn and your time to experience up close and personal, what you’re spending your hard earned money on in a setting that is more like your living room, more like reality.
  Integrated A/V Solutions:  
You can do that? Oh yes we can! A good portion of the time, what annoys one, annoys many. And now that we are on the technological super highway, a good portion of the time, there’s a solution. Through careful thought and quality planning, systems can be integrated throughout your home or office. Tell us how and where you spend the most of your time and we can combine individual systems including audio, video, and lighting control, your life becomes simple , more comfortable and far less annoying.
  Custom Cabinetry and Construction:  
Do you know a good Contractor? We do.

Castle Hill Audio Video works closely with seasoned professionals to provide you with the quality of work that is second to none. Whether you are looking for a custom cabinet for your living room, chic lighting for that needed bit of ambience, or a full basement remodel for your new theater, we can make it happen.
  Commercial Systems:  
We provide design and installation services of audio and video systems from offices to gymnasiums, small restaurants to full blown concert systems for auditoriums and nightclubs

We also offer design and support for Houses of Worship.
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