Totem Kin Mini Subwoofer

Design features

  • Sealed cabinet for flexible and “absolutely anywhere” placement
  • 4-liter internal volume
  • Angled front face for added room presence
  • Satin white and satin black finish
  • Removable power cord
  • Extruded aluminum decoupling feet with anti-skid couplers
  • Magnetic grill

Technical features

  • Built-in 110-watt peak RMS high efficiency amplifier
  • 32 Hz to 350 Hz frequency response
  • Signal sensing auto turn/off button with full energy efficient specifications
  • Switch for 120V or 220V utilization
  • High-pass speaker input
  • High excursion 6″ ballistic carbon-fiber woofer
  • Line level (RCA stereo & RCA LFE) inputs
  • Adjustable (50 Hz to 350 Hz) low-pass crossover
  • Variable volume control with 0° to 180° adjustable phase control

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This sub packs a serious punch. The Totem KIN Mini Subwoofer delivers a rich, full and deep bass. It will really shake you up.  The speaker is small in size yet big in sound.  This ultra compact, tremendously powerful sub is the perfect complement to the awesome Totem KIN Mini for extra bass extension. As a result the subwoofer has fabulous all-axis response.  The speaker behaves with full responsiveness so the result is ease of room placement.  The sub can be placed discreetly to minimize its visual impact. It also works very well with in-ceiling or in-wall speakers for whole house or home theater applications.

The adjustable volume, frequency and phase dial make the sub exempt from any undesirable booming effect. The sub delivers precise and articulate bass so consequently it will complement and enrich any type of music. Built to the highest standards, the sub’s sealed cabinet offers outstanding benefits in terms of its phase response, timing and speed. Because of this it has the ability to be placed anywhere. It delivers its total immersive musical capability with total accuracy. Whatever your listening angle, the Totem KIN Mini Subwoofer’s unique acoustic proprieties project a solid-as-a-rock soundstage image.  This subwoofer delivers an extra large punch that defies its small size.

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