Power Conditioning & Uninterruptable Power

Power is the foundation for all that we do.

It’s the foundation for how we entertain ourselves, make ourselves comfortable, and even how we interact with each other. The products integrators install include more and more microprocessors, and ultimately, their performance and longevity rely on power quality. Couple that with an aging infrastructure and it becomes clear why we experience many power-related issues. It’s a problem RoseWater Energy solves.

The RoseWater Energy Hub ™ is a complete luxury energy management solution to clean energy, power conditioning, surge protection, solar battery storage, battery backup with remote monitoring, and redundant industrial-grade systems. Hubs are sold through custom integrators and used to create clean power and protection from power anomalies in commercial environments and large luxury residential projects with extensive sophisticated electronics investments. Networks, security, control systems, lighting, shades, AV systems and any microprocessor-driven appliance or accessory will perform optimally and last longer when it receives continuous clean power.

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Power is the foundation of your home!

The RoseWater Hubs provide true Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) functionality by design.  The Hub has zero transfer time, energy storage for backup, and the ability to harness excess solar power for self-consumption. When AC input is available, AC power is converted to DC. Which is then converted back to AC for use in the critical load panel. The DC battery power is converts to AC with zero transfer time when AC input is unavailable. An intelligent controller module decides when to draw power.  It also decides how much power to draw from the AC or DC source. During AC input brownout condition, battery power supplements the output power.

  • 24/7 power conditioning with an unwavering 120-volt 60 Hz output protects and enhances the performance of all home and office electronics. This eliminates most, if not all, service calls.
  • RoseWater Hubs are an Uninterruptable Power Supply with zero transfer time. They also allow large-scale battery backup (minimum of 28.8 kWh). This will allow residents to ride out power anomalies and outages safely and securely.
  • Industrial-grade surge protection to mitigate the damage caused by grid anomalies and naturally occurring weather events like lightning strikes.

Traditionally the infrastructure of a house divides into three broad categories: mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. With the emergence of more and more electronics, powering those products is essential. Power failures, affecte the house.  RoseWater Hub can be the power foundation of your home.

Having everything preassembled, configured, prewired, and tested before installation ensures everything is ready for commissioning. Our nationwide installation team will do the work at the job site. Our support for RoseWater Hubs towers above our competitors.