Thorens TD 1500


  • Function: Manual turntable with sub-chassis
  • Drive System: Belt drive
  • Motor: Incremental encoder controlled and stabilized DC motor
  • Speeds: 33-1/3, 45 rpm.
  • Speed select: Electronic
  • Platter: 12“ / 1.4 kg Die-cast aluminum platter with 22 mm height
  • Tonearm: Thorens TP 150 with SME headshell
  • Cartridge: Ortofon 2 M Bronze with nude fine line stylus
  • Anti-Skating: Anti-skating weight, which is adjusted on a nylon thread guided over a ruby bearing
  • Shut off: N/A
  • Outputs: RCA / balanced XLR
  • Power supply: External 12 V power supply
  • Dimensions: 420 x 150 x 360 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 7.9 kg
  • Finish: black high gloss, walnut high gloss
  • Scope of delivery: Power Supply, dust cover
  • EAN Code: Black high gloss 4260623590791, walnut high gloss 4260623590807
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Thorens TD 1500.  In 1965 the Thorens TD 150 came on the market.  Consequently it started a technical revolution in record player manufacturing. For the first time in use in a mass-produced unit, a spring-suspended sub-chassis with an inner platter driven by a flat belt. The principle proved to be very successful. There have been many imitators in the years since.

Like its famous predecessor, the new Thorens TD 1500 operates purely manually. It features a sub-chassis that decouples the turntable and tonearm shelf from the motor and frame by means of three conical springs. In contrast to the TD 150, adjustment of these springs can be from above through corresponding holes in the platter.  This makes correct adjustment much easier.

An incremental encoder electronically monitors the speed of the DC motor.  Deviations are automatically corrected. This also enables very good wow and flutter values.

As a real unique selling point in its class, the Thorens TD 1500 has XLR outputs in addition to the usual pair of RCA jacks. This enables true balanced operation with a suitable MC cartridge.


The new TP 150 tonearm is similar to the TP 124 used on the new TD 124 DD. It has an effective mass of 14 grams.  The tonearm is adjustable in height and azimuth. An SME connector is standard.  As a result you can easily switch headshells or mount other cartridges.

The procedure to set the anti-skating is by a sliding weight in the base of the arm.  It is adjusted by guiding a nylon thread over a ruby bearing.

On the Thorens TD 1500, a high-quality and pre-adjusted pickup is standard. It is the 2M Bronze from famed Danish manufacturer Ortofon.  Accordingly this proves to be a perfect playing partner due to its naked diamond with Fine Line cut.

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