Coastal Source mini Bollard speakers in a lush green landscape

Craft Your Outdoor Sanctuary with Premium Audio Systems

Step Outside and Turn Up the Volume on Stellar Sound with Castle Hill Audio Video

It’s time to transform outdoor gatherings into unforgettable experiences with the perfect symphony of sound. From the serene backyards to the vibrant patios overlooking the Atlantic, the addition of an outdoor audio system is a revolution in entertaining in your Washington County, RI, home

Keep reading to discover the solutions that promise to elevate the excitement during barbecues and poolside hangouts and transform your yard into a haven of auditory bliss!

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The Essence of Sound in Open-Air Elegance

Imagine the gentle lapping of the Rhode Island shores complemented by your favorite melodies or the rustling leaves in your backyard, keeping time with jazz rhythms. 

High-quality audio turns these moments from mere gatherings into rich, sensory experiences. The right playlist can set the mood for an evening of relaxation or a night of revelry, proving that sound is more than just background noise—it’s the heart of the celebration!

The Hallmarks of High-End Outdoor Audio

Of our many brand partnerships, Coastal Source stands out as an essential architectural element of your backyard areas. They sound incredible, showcasing the music and TV audio you love to listen to without screaming for attention. From the mini Bollards to the new slimline Razors, these speakers are known for the following:


Engineered to withstand all-weather environments, from sun-soaked summers to snowy winters, your speaker investment lasts season after season.

Design Integration

With a keen eye for design, our team seamlessly weaves Coastal Source speakers and AV system components into a stunning tapestry of outdoor sound.

Sound Quality

Experience unparalleled clarity and depth with a sound system that fills every corner of your property without losing a note to the open air.

Crafting Your Patio Sound Sanctuary

Every entertainment space on your property has its unique rhythm, and finding the right audio setup is key to harmonizing technology with nature. The Castle Hill Audio Video team will consider the following when designing your exciting new outdoor sound setup:

  • Property layout
  • Media preferences
  • Budget and timeline
  • Strategic speaker placement and calibration
  • Smart system integration
  • Connectivity

Imagine Your Life with Outdoor Audio

Imagine a summer soirée where the music flows like wine or a tranquil afternoon where the soundtrack is as soft as the sea breeze. Whether it’s a serene evening by the fire pit or a lively summer barbecue, the right music can turn any occasion into a memorable event. Match the mood, from upbeat dance tracks to soothing melodies for pitch-perfect gatherings.At Castle Hill Audio Video, we’re doing more than selling and installing speakers—we’re crafting experiences. Connect with us here today, and let’s explore the possibilities of superior outdoor audio solutions together.