Whole House Voice Control

With Josh, luxury harmoniously blends with technology to offer a simplified and secure home interface.

Easily set the mood with natural voice commands or efficiently control your property using the Josh app.
Whichever way is most natural for you to interact with your environment,

Josh is here to help


What is Josh?

With Josh.ai, elegant design seamlessly blends with technology to provide a simplified and secure control platform. Enjoy efficient smart home accessibility with the Josh App or conveniently set the mood with conversational voice commands. Josh knows its role and continues to adapt, enabling users to freely interact with their surroundings and automate their lifestyle in whatever way feels easiest.


Josh.ai is designed to empower every member of the family with intuitive control and intelligent assistance. Consequently, through touch, text, or natural voice commands, Josh provides unparalleled convenience.


Josh.ai understands that trust and responsibility help make a house a home.  As a result, all Josh products are engineered to continuously enhance protecting user data and wellbeing.


Josh.ai is always evolving and improving thanks to over-the-air software updates.  Accordingly, every Josh user enjoys an immensely powerful yet easy-to-use experience, offering unmatched accessibility and personalization in the smart home.
Since its founding, Josh.ai has built a brand with mass-market appeal while staying true to its roots. Through years of development refining robust integrations, innovative features, and purposeful design, the Josh platform has uniquely laid the groundwork for smart homes going forward. This evolution has culminated in a modern control solution, breaking all of the molds while ushering in a multi-faceted home intelligence experience. Founded in 2015, Josh is a Denver based company creating platforms and products that enable true natural interaction with technology in everyday life.

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